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TrakRap Holdings


Trakrap designs and produces sustainable packaging solutions for manufacturers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) supplying supermarkets and retailers. The company uses a specially developed linear low-density film that is 100% recyclable to reduce the amount of packaging required, ensure packaging is easy to erect, easy to fill, as well as giving protection through the supply chain.

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Funding need

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The investment from Maven will allow us to grow our business by getting more of our packaging machines out into the food manufacturing industry, where they will significantly reduce the amount of plastic, corrugate, energy and carbon required by traditional packaging methods. As we grow, we will also create a significant number of new jobs, which is great news for the local economy.

Martin Leeming
CEO of Trakrap Holdings

Growth Journey

TrakRap has developed a packaging solution which serves as a replacement for traditional heat tunnels and cardboard box packaging, and can offer supermarkets, food manufacturers and high-volume goods manufacturers a cheaper and lower carbon footprint solution for end of line packaging due to the product’s vastly reduced plastic, cardboard and electricity usage. With FMCG and supermarket industries moving to more sustainable packaging and an overall more environmentally friendly outlook, TrakRap has a unique product within its niche in the end-of-line packaging market.

The funding will support the growth of the company’s sales and marketing function, creating up to 67 new jobs over 5 years.

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