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Innotech provides both public and private sector organisations with the information they need to make major planning decisions by accurately monitoring pedestrian movements in an area, indoors or out. Its main product, ‘Crowded’, is a cutting edge analysis system that collects and auto-analyses pedestrian movement data by installing small scanner devices in a monitoring area which track each individual that moves through the area via their mobile phone.  

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We are excited to start this new chapter with Maven and the support, experience and knowledge that they bring through both NPIF and their own great team gives us every advantage moving forward. Being granted the investment from Maven is a huge milestone for Innotech Insights and allows us to grow a phenomenal team of professionals around our existing research and software products, as well as continue to strive for excellence in our field through innovation and collaboration.

Liam Wright
Managing Director of Innotech Insights

Growth Journey

Crowded is Innotech's proprietary pedestrian movement analysis service which combines pedestrian scanning hardware with a purpose built software application that collects and auto-analyses data from multiple projects of unlimited scale at any one time and provides end clients with a direct online log-in to visualise their pedestrian movement data.

Innotech have also successfully created leading off-grid hardware including but not limited to redeployment CCTV, Pedestrian Tracking Systems and live Environment Monitoring Units.

There has been a recent rise in the development of mobile network data for use in monitoring pedestrian and vehicular movement, which has proven to be a valid and useful technology for observing general volume of large-scale areas.

The funding will support the expansion of Innotech’s sales team, invest in product development and in the roll out of the company’s flagship analysis system product, Crowded.

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