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 Hiring Hub’s recruitment marketplace helps some 350 companies access a community of trusted recruitment agencies, so they can fill jobs quickly at a fee they set, using data and customer reviews to address some of the recruitment industry’s core problems and shine a light on the best independent recruiters. The platform streamlines the entire recruitment process, allowing companies to fill their positions up to three times faster.

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Maven were quick to understand both the dynamics of an online marketplace and the opportunity facing Hiring Hub, with the recruitment agency market fragmenting rapidly and shifting towards smaller, specialist, independent agencies, who now represent over 80% of the supply chain. We’re confident that with their support we can grow our customer base quickly, helping more companies find the talent they need faster and at a lower cost through independent suppliers, rather than using the larger, traditional recruitment brands that deliver a slow, expensive and commoditised service.

Simon Swan
CEO of Hiring Hub

Growth Journey

The recruitment industry was valued at £35bn in 2015/16, and is characterised by a high frequency of transactions. Primed for disruption, Hiring Hub’s immediate addressable market is the 10,000+ micro-recruitment agencies where the Hiring Hub platform can better enable independent recruiters to compete with the larger firms. The company strives to enable a world where finding and working with the best recruitment agencies is as easy as calling an Uber.

With low skilled job market shifting towards technology platforms and executive search remaining highly relationship driven, Hiring Hub is well positioned in the mid-level, white collar professional recruitment market where salaries range from £30k to £125k, which has seen a significant increase in number of small recruitment agencies in recent years.

Founded in 2010 by CEO Simon Swan, Hiring Hub is now a well-developed online marketplace that has benefited from over five years of user-feedback and subsequent investment in the platform, which has helped to refine and develop the core product and proposition.

The funding is in addition to a further £750,000 from existing investors and strategic angel investors, which will enable the company to implement its growth strategy. The focus will be on building the senior team, bringing software development in-house and increasing marketing activity to fuel the growth of employers using its recruitment agency marketplace platform..

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