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Fast-Form Systems


Fast-Form is a range of systems used in the construction industry to hold in place concrete and/or reinforced concrete structures. The systems are unique in that they can be adapted to many different applications; none of the existing systems are able to provide all of the applications of Fast-Form.

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This latest investment represents our next step in the growth of the business in the UK and also in our growing export markets. The fact we are a British manufacturer and exporter is something we are very proud of and we look forward to growing our business here in the UK and also in the USA where we are making inroads into a booming market. We have also taken distributors in New Zealand and Barbados in 2019 and hope to expand Fast-Form worldwide.

Tony White
Managing Director of Fast-Form

Growth Journey

Fast-Form products are quick and easy to implement and, being relatively light-weight, can be moved and assembled without the need for machinery, making them far more cost effective. In addition, compared to more traditional methods of formwork such as timber, which is non-reusable. Fast-Form, with its considerably smaller carbon-footprint is able to partially address a significant and growing issue in the sector.

Construction contributes over £110bn to the UK economy alone and, with the UK government committing £50bn to HS2 rail, £35bn to infrastructure alongside a growing housing market, a spike in the market appears imminent. The U.S. construction industry, a key growth market for Fast-Form, is among the world's largest, with total construction spending increasing by 1.1% year on year, reaching $1,096.6bn annually.

The funding will enable the company to execute its ambitious marketing strategy, continue to exploit growth opportunities in the US and create 11 new jobs.

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