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Digital Bridge


DigitalBridge is a guided design platform for kitchen and bathroom retailers, the technology guides consumers through the entire process of creating a dream bathroom or kitchen, from concept to completion. Integrating directly into a retailer’s website and using pioneering AI and Computer Vision technology, DigitalBridge simplifies the decision-making process by guiding people to easily design and visualise their dream bathroom or kitchen. 

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We’re excited to partner with Maven to drive DigitalBridge to the next level. In addition to the European retailers we are working with, this investment supports our growth into the US market and allows us to deliver on the opportunities we’re already working on.

David Levine
CEO of Digital Bridge

Growth Journey

CEO David Levine started DigitalBridge in 2013, after his wife presented him with a choice of wallpaper samples for their living room. Unable to visualise how the room might look and convinced he couldn’t be the only person unable to bridge the ‘imagination gap’ David set out to find a solution. However, whilst solving this initial problem, David uncovered a bigger opportunity. He found a gap in the market for an easy to use space planning and visualisation tool that, hosted on a retailer's website, helps individuals design their new bathroom or kitchen.

In just a few short years he brought together a team of experts, with specialist skills from computer vision & machine learning to computer graphics and web applications, to build software that's fundamentally changing the way people shop.

Customers today expect a streamlined shopping experience. 51% of people abandon the idea of refurbishing because they can’t visualise the new space and 35% of customers return items because they didn’t know when purchasing how it would look at home. This is compounded by the fact that online transactions now account for 19% of all retail sales in the UK and is steadily increasing year-on-year. In addition, the roll-out of the 5G network is making this type of technology increasingly accessible across any device.

DigitalBridge foresees huge change ahead, as customers will be assisted by technologies such as artificial intelligence, depth cameras, augmented and virtual reality when they shop. The company's intention is to harness these technologies and build valuable experiences for retailers and their customers today and in the future.

The NPIF funding will support the roll-out of DigitalBridge’s platform and the creation of 15 new jobs. It will also enable the company to create additional products and penetrate new markets, particularly the US.  DigitalBridge has been working with Kingfisher, owners of B&Q and Castorama, since 2017.  

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