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Coeus Software offers intelligent commoditised solutions designed to digitally transform operational processes for mobile workforces that need to use or collect auditable data. Designed for mobile workforces that need to use or collect auditable data and intelligence, Coeus can collect information on any smart handheld device to make any organisation more efficient, accountable and profitable. This is achieved by bringing together tasking, data collection, workflows, real-time dashboards and access to corporate data

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Funding need

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This investment is perfectly timed, to enable us to expand into a growing market as customers move over to Office 365 and the Cloud.  We are excited to grow our operations and provide fantastic new job opportunities in the North of England and develop our links with Northern universities.

Simon Hall
CEO of Coeus Software

Growth Journey

With an ever-increasing requirement for police forces to deliver their current level of service in more efficient ways, Coeus products align with the new ‘digitalisation’ agenda of the police force as well as new Police National Compliance procedures. The need to ‘go digital’ increases in both the public and private sector daily. The benefits in digitising processes to drive efficiency and cost savings also affords users the chance to perform a better service with what is often severely limited resources.

The investment will enable the company to expand its operations in Cumbria by building its sales team and implementing a new sale and marketing strategy.

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