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Rokshaw Laboratories


Rokshaw Laboratories is a family-owned Specials Manufacturer that supplies Community Pharmacies, Hospitals, Wholesalers and Dispensing Doctors with the highest quality unlicensed medication that also delivers value to the NHS. Approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Rokshaw is a highly accredited Pharmaceutical Specials Manufacturer and NHS accredited Unlicensed Medicines Supplier.

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We are excited to have completed the deal which enables us to significantly strengthen and scale up our business with some highly innovative projects.  We would like to thank Maven and NEDCF for the investment and also thank Sunderland Council as well as the University and College for all the ongoing support which has been fundamental in our success to date.

Richard Hodgson
Managing Director of Rokshaw Laboratories

Growth Journey

Founded in 2012 by brothers Jonathan and Richard Hodgson, Rokshaw Laboratories has grown from a wholesaler to a manufacturer of Specials and built a strong position in the Specials market in a very short space of time. This is a result of providing a personal service while delivering value to the NHS, as well as offering an ethical earning opportunity to community pharmacies across the UK.

Unlicensed medication supplied by Rokshaw Laboratories plays a vital role in improving patient treatment, increasing compliance and improving outcomes. Specials are often simply a different presentation of a commonly used drug. People can be allergic to an ingredient of a licensed line or need a drug that is either not yet licensed or is only licensed in another market.

One of the largest providers of ‘specials’ to independent pharmacies in the North East - the UK region with the highest demand for prescriptions of specials - Rokshaw can manufacture over 5,000 different formulations of drugs in a variety of dosage forms (such as creams, ointments, solutions and capsules) in its purpose-built, state-of-the-art laboratory.

The NEDCF investment will help to increase manufacturing efficiencies and support the development of innovative new products.

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