Senso.Cloud continues to break boundaries following MEIF funding



MEIF Sensocloud(SUBS) Case Study (Maven Debt Finance)


Senso.Cloud continues to break boundaries with funding via MEIF Maven. We caught up with Senso.Cloud's CEO Jon Valentine who explains how the business has developed after first receiving a £210,000 debt funding package via MEIF Maven. Senso.Cloud’s unique product offering lies within their ability to provide network managers the capacity to remote support staff and students, whilst monitoring the devices that are in use via their platform.

The business set-up premises in Nottingham, a fast-growing, vibrant part of the East Midlands for businesses operating within the technology space in recent years. Jon also adds that the Nottingham head office provides a great pool of skilled workers and a more streamlined commute for staff from neighbouring regions such as Leicester and Derby.

Since the initial funding boost from MEIF Maven, Senso.Cloud has successfully partnered up with some of the largest companies within the UK, including Capita and Microsoft. In addition to this, Senso.Cloud’s software is now operating across 14 of the UK’s largest academy trusts. Jon talks through the decision to reach out to Maven for debt finance highlighting that his need for funding was on the basis that the business was growing, and that it can be challenging for some businesses to access finance via the typical banking routes.

The business has now also successfully grown into international markets and set-up an office in Texas in the US, and as result now work with over 4000 schools. The team at Maven are always looking for like-minded entrepreneurs like Jon seeking funding support to execute growth plans and take advantage of market opportunities. Jon confirmed the process to access the MEIF loan was very straight forward, and believes it’s a very important fund for businesses to consider when exploring funding options across Midlands region.

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