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SDS is a Consett-based biomass energy plant, which takes waste wood chippings from timber yards and uses them to produce electricity. SDS generates heat, gas and electricity from wood chippings, producing solid wood fuel briquettes, a cheaper alternative to the traditional seasoned hardwood used for wood burning fires and stoves. The site also has four engines and turbines that export electricity to the grid.

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We have such a strong demand for our wood briquette and pellet products that we are turning away orders, so this will revolutionise the coming few years, it really is a fantastic approach to supporting emerging companies in the Durham area and we are very proud to have been at the forefront of this forward thinking approach.

Shane McDonald
Founder of SDS

Growth Journey

Founded in 2017 by expert renewable energy engineers, Shane McDonald and Morgan Corkill, SDS operates a biomass renewable energy plant from an industrial estate in Consett. The plant takes wood chippings waste from timber yards and applies a process to produce electricity. The site also has four engines and turbines that export electricity to the grid.

Biomass energy production is a proven technology and currently represents 85% of the total UK renewable energy supply.  Climate change and sustainability are central themes in Durham County Council’s ambition to create a thriving, resilient and engaged low carbon community by 2020.

Demand is currently outweighing supply in the solid fuel market, with a 25% to 30% increase in demand for logs and wood burning stove fuel alternatives year-on-year proving hard to satisfy. Wood briquettes burn hotter and cleaner, are cheaper to buy, and much easier to store and handle than traditional seasoned hardwood logs. Having designed and built 24 similar plants for clients via their installation and maintenance company Calibrate, Shane and Morgan have significant experience of installing, maintaining and operating these plants. 

The investment will allow SDS to purchase additional machinery to improve efficiency and sell wood briquettes on a commercial scale for use in log burners.

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