Finance Durham

About The Fund

The Finance Durham Fund invests in ambitious businesses to help them fulfil their growth potential, providing financial, strategic and operational input as required. The Fund will support businesses across County Durham which are aiming to scale up, create jobs and add economic prosperity to the region.

Why choose funding through Finance Durham?

Ambitious and high-growth businesses are often unable to get the funding they need from a bank. Alternatively they may require a more flexible form of finance or seek commercial and professional expertise. If your business is in need of finance to help unlock its growth potential, the Finance Durham Fund may be able to help. Our funding can be used in a variety of scenarios and at all stages of the business growth cycle.

Maven's experienced investment and portfolio professionals understand the challenges faced by businesses looking for growth finance and can work closely with management teams to support their business growth. Our aim is to help each company achieve its potential.

The Finance Durham Fund is available to make investments ranging between £200,000 and £700,000.

10% of the Fund is available for smaller investments to support innovation.

The finance available can help with the following:

  • Asset and stock finance
  • Relocation expenses
  • Working capital
  • Expansion costs
  • Recruitment or training of staff
  • New products or services
  • R&D and Innovation
  • MBOs and replacement capital
  • Start-up costs

The Finance Durham Region

The Fund is only available to businesses who are based in, or in the process of relocating to, County Durham. The aim of the Fund is to encourage growth whilst creating and safeguarding jobs in the region.

Map of County Durham

Finance Durham Eligibility

The Finance Durham Fund can support both start-ups and established businesses and is not targeting any specific sectors. However, in order to be eligible for investment a business:

  • Must be based in, or in the process of relocating to, County Durham at the time the investment is made.
  • Will be required to submit a detailed investment proposal, including a detailed business plan, both current and historic accounts and analysis and financial projections based on receiving finance from the Finance Durham Fund.

Application Requirements

Company Overview

A detailed description of your company’s products or services, including any unique selling points or intellectual property held.

Investment & Growth Plan

Details of the specific funding requirement and what the investment will be used for, as well as your long-term growth strategy.

Market Overview

A description of the market in which you operate, its general characteristics and where your company is positioning itself.

Financial Forecast

Current and historic accounts, current financial position of your company and financial projections based on receiving funding for your growth plan.

Your Team

Biographies of the key people involved in the business, demonstrating senior team experience and expertise in a specific field.

Exit Strategy

A description of your exit strategy post investment, including potential acquirers, IPO opportunities or other strategies.